Antigua’s Legal “Pirate Site” Authorized by the World Trade Organization

Last week we broke the news that the island nation Antigua and Barbuda wants to start a Government run “pirate” site. Today, this plan came a step closer to reality when the Caribbean country received authorization from the WTO to suspend U.S. copyrights during a meeting in Geneva. This decision affirms the preliminary approval that was granted to Antigua in 2007 after the country won a gambling related trade dispute against the United States. At the moment it’s still unclear what Antigua’s exact plans are but TorrentFreak is informed that the media portal will offer movies, TV-shows, music as well as software to customers worldwide. Antigua’s Finance Minister Harold Lovell said in a comment that the U.S. left his Government no other option than to respond in this manner…

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Antigua’s Legal “Pirate Site” Authorized by the World Trade Organization

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Monday, January 28th, 2013 Net News

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