Apple and its paranoid secrecy (repost) …

… From February, 2010 p2pnet view P2P:- China’s Foxcomm is the birthplace of components for many iPod and other Apple products. “Workers building Apple iPods , mostly young women from rural areas of China labouring in, 15-hour shifts, were, housed in dormitories from which outsiders are banned, and regularly pay about half their wages for room and board charges,” said p2pnet last summer, going on, “And in a report, Apple admitted there were indeed, ‘violations to our Code of Conduct’.” Then, “25 year-old Sun Danyong committed suicide after a fourth-generation iPhone prototype he was responsible for went missing,” says Digital Beat , continuing, “It’s a story, from what tech-industry friends in China tell me, of how Apple’s secretive ways send extreme pressure all the way down the company`s international supply chain.” In the 2006 scandal, the BBC quoted Apple as describing the Foxconn facility in China, where the women worked, as a ‘campus’. That was three years ago, but according to Reuters , nothing much has changed. “The massive manufacturing complex in the South China city of Longhua resembles an industrial fortress”, it says. “To enter the facility, workers swipe security cards at the gate.

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Apple and its paranoid secrecy (repost) …

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