Billionaire Alki David On CBS Lawsuit and His Solution To BitTorrent Piracy

Earlier this week we posted the latest update on the copyright infringement lawsuit from Alki David and a coalition of recording artists against CNET and owner CBS. The lawsuit claims that CNET’s distributed file-sharing software including uTorrent and LimeWire after they “shameless promoted” the tools for infringing uses. This week the coalition – Sugar Hill Music, et al – filed a motion for preliminary injunction that if granted would stop from continuing to distribute BitTorrent software. But despite this aggressive action that could potentially put an end to’s streak of 65 million BitTorrent client downloads to its customers, Alki David says that he is actually grateful for file-sharing services. Speaking with TorrentFreak the FilmOn owner said that he uses locker services such as YouSendIt for transferring edits and reviewing shows his company is working on. P2P networks, he says, also have their place. “There is a future still for effective load balanced distribution using P2P networks without a doubt,” he explains.

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Billionaire Alki David On CBS Lawsuit and His Solution To BitTorrent Piracy

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Saturday, November 17th, 2012 Net News

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