BitTorrent Accounts for 35% of All Upload Traffic, VPNs are Booming

Over the years we have been following various reports on changes in Internet traffic, specifically in relation to BitTorrent. One of the patterns that emerged with the rise of video streaming services is that BitTorrent is losing its share of total Internet traffic. This downward spiral is confirmed by the latest Sandvine report which reveals that BitTorrent traffic is now responsible for 9.2% of all U.S. Internet traffic in North America during peak hours, compared to 11.3% last year. However, if we look at the actual volumes of data being transferred through file-sharing networks we see that usage is still growing. Median Internet traffic increased by more than 50% since last year on fixed networks, so in terms of actual traffic BitTorrent usage is going up. BitTorrent’s presence is most visible in upstream traffic, with 34.8% of all data transferred during peak hours going through the protocol. …

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BitTorrent Accounts for 35% of All Upload Traffic, VPNs are Booming

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Friday, May 17th, 2013 Net News

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