CISPA Passes The House Of Representatives And Reaches The U.S. Senate

While people have been appalled by the Boston bombing (our deepest condolences for those who are affected by this unspeakable event), the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act got the green from the House of Representatives and is soon to reach the Senate’s table. At the same time, those who oppose the dangerous bill are regrouping with the hope to put an end to CISPA. Two days before the House of Representatives took its vote on CISPA, the Electronic Frontier Foundation urged everyone to sign a petition against the bill (until now, the petition gathered a little over 177.000 signatures). In response, Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) –a supporter of the devious legislation – trashed the opponents by calling them “a 14-year-old tweeter in the basement” – (see the statement here). Despite numerous efforts to stop the act, CISPA was favored by the House of Representatives, a resolution labeled  as “shameful” by the EFF. Meanwhile, the group known as Anonymous, along with several websites, went black in sign of protest to the decision. Opponents of the bill called it a “dangerously vague” surveillance act that, if is to become law, will empower the US Government to gather sensitive information with no need of a warrant. …

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CISPA Passes The House Of Representatives And Reaches The U.S. Senate

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 Net News

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