Evi App Allegedly Acquired by Amazon for $26M

Amazon’s reported purchase of Siri-like Evi App for $26 million points to development of a mobile handset/smartphone. Siri‘s success has spawned numerous copycats, however among the most successful was Evi. True Knowledge, a British Startup, utilized their natural language search engine along with Nuance’s voice recognition to create Evi. When Evi first came out on the iPhone, it was almost pulled from the app store due to its similarity to Siri. Luckily, Apple allowed the app to remain in stores, and it seems that the company’s bold move might have paid off. Reports are circulating that Amazon has purchased the company for $26 million. This acquisition comes shortly after Amazon acquired voice recognition company Ivona

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Evi App Allegedly Acquired by Amazon for $26M

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 Net News

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