First Software Maker Joins BitTorrent Lawsuit Bonanza

Since 2010 around 350,000 people have been accused of sharing copyrighted works on BitTorrent in the United States. Copyright holders generally sue dozens, hundreds or sometimes even thousands of people at once, hoping to extract cash settlements from the alleged file-sharers. With settlement amounts up to thousands of dollars the lawsuits are a multi-million dollar business, attracting a diverse group of rightsholders. In the U.S. the scheme was pioneered by smaller film companies, followed by makers of adult entertainment, anime, books and music. And now we can add a software company to the list as the Canadian based reFX has sued 180 alleged BitTorrent users at a federal court in Missouri. The company makes popular synthesizer software and is going after people who shared their flagship Nexus 2 product.

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First Software Maker Joins BitTorrent Lawsuit Bonanza

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Friday, November 16th, 2012 Net News

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