Fresh Calls to Congress to Make Movie and Music Streaming a Felony

For close on ten years the mainstream movie and TV studios have struggled with BitTorrent piracy. Despite years of high-profile crackdowns on sites and their users, very few inroads have been made into reducing the amount of content being shared via the famous protocol. In fact, one might argue that in the past few years things have only become worse. Among the technologically literate youth, mechanisms for obtaining unauthorized media are now common knowledge and BitTorrent is on the way to becoming a household name. With this in mind the studios and their music industry counterparts are now embarking on a new educational drive. Wrapped up in projects such as “six strikes” in the United States, these initiatives aim to inform people that obtaining copyright material online without permission is illegal. But education cuts both ways, and increasingly people are learning that it is the sharing or “uploading” of content that is what puts people in trouble…

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Fresh Calls to Congress to Make Movie and Music Streaming a Felony

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Thursday, March 21st, 2013 Net News

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