How ISPs will do “six strikes”: Throttled speeds, blocked sites

flickr / fatboyke The “six strikes” anti-piracy program is on its way, for real. Jill Lesser, head of the Center for Copyright Information—the enforcement agency in charge of the system—confirmed that the system is coming this year in a September interview with Ars. Speaking at a New York Internet conference, representatives of two of the biggest ISPs, Verizon and Time Warner, have finally described how their systems will work. Despite the “six strikes” moniker, both Verizon and Time Warner talked about systems that work in three essential phases. First comes the “notice” phase, which simply involves letting users know they’ve been tracked on copyright-infringing sites. Verizon customers, for example, will send notifications to primary account holders via both e-mail and telephone. “We send a notice to the customer, saying there’s been an allegation [of] illegal activity with copyrighted files,” said Verizon VP Link Hoewing.

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How ISPs will do “six strikes”: Throttled speeds, blocked sites

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Friday, November 16th, 2012 Net News

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