How YIFY-Torrents is Battling the Internet Censors

In 2010 when x264 really started to take off, an opportunity was spotted by an individual called YIFY. The codec allowed the spreading of movies in a compact filesize, something which proved popular with the masses.

By August 2011 YIFY releases had become so popular they justified a platform of their own. A site bearing the same name was born and quickly grew to become a major player. By 2013 the site was receiving 700,000 visitors a day, something which placed it on Hollywood’s radar.

Perhaps inevitably, on November 22, 2013, the popular torrent site was blocked by the UK’s leading ISPs following a High Court order obtained by the major Hollywood studios. Anyone wanting to access the site could now only do so by using a web proxy, reverse proxy, VPN, or other anti-censorship tool. YIFY-Torrents wanted to do something about that.

“Our user base is the most important and integral part of Yify-Torrents, so having access restricted by major ISPs not only in the UK but also other places around the world was a big worry for us and we almost immediately started looking for solutions to the problem,” YIFY’s tech team told TorrentFreak.

“As most of us here at Yify-Torrents are based outside the focuses of large anti-piracy groups it was difficult for us to assess what was happening. Our first step was to figure out exactly how widespread the blocking was and how they were doing it.”

YIFY says their first guess was backed up a TorrentFreak report detailing findings by EZTV that ISPs were…

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 Net News

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