ISPs Cannot Be Forced To Store Data on File-Sharers, Court Rules

While copyright trolls in the United States are doing their very best to file lawsuits against as many alleged file-sharers as possible, their counterparts in Germany will take some beating. Hundreds of thousands of Internet account holders have been targeted with so-called pay-up-or-else letters over the past few years and although there are no official figures available, settlements paid run into scores of millions of dollars. In part this huge drive has been fueled by the law. Once a rightsholder captures an IP address and traces this back through an ISP to an Internet bill payer, that person is often considered responsible for what happens on his or her connection. “Since 2008 the rights-owners have had the right to request the name and address of a connection holder connected to a certain IP-Address at a certain time, in case there was a copyright infringement committed from this connection,” Wilde Beuger Solmecke lawyer Otto Freiherr Grote told TorrentFreak. With most ISPs storing user data as a matter of course, tracking connection owners has become very simple indeed. However, not all ISPs retain the data necessary to connect an IP address with an end user, so when required to hand over personal details to trolls and other rightsholders, problems arise…

ISPs Cannot Be Forced To Store Data on File-Sharers, Court Rules

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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 Net News

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