MPAA: BitTorrent is the Best Way to Pirate Movies and TV-Shows

Nearly a month ago the six-strikes anti-piracy system was launched in the United States by the Center for Copyright Information (CCI), but aside from a traffic boost at VPN providers and proxies, we haven’t heard much about it since. Earlier this month several people connected to the CCI presented their plans before the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee. Present were CCI’s Executive Director Jill Lesser, plus representatives from the MPAA, RIAA, Verizon, AT&T and the advisory board. The most interesting part of the hearing was a presentation from MPAA Senior Vice President Marianne Grant on the evidence collection methods. Grant explained in detail how BitTorrent users are tracked and how the MPAA makes sure that copyright alerts go out to the right subscribers. According to Grant the MPAA focuses mostly on BitTorrent because that is by far the best way for P2P file-sharers to download movies and TV-shows. …

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MPAA: BitTorrent is the Best Way to Pirate Movies and TV-Shows

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Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 Net News

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