MPAA’s Chris Dodd Picks On Google On Their Opening Celebration

Google celebrated the opening of the first drive-in movie theater some 79 year ago with one of its animated signatures. This was, apparently, a perfect opportunity for Chris Dodd to pick on them once more. In a Wednesday blog post he said that he applauds the tribute, but that Google’s “love” for the entertainment industry must extend beyond doodles, and that its anti-piracy policies should be tougher – nothing new from the mouth of MPAA’s Chairman. “Every day that we aren’t working toward a shared solution with the tech industry is another day that the hard work and ingenuity of the people who work in the American film and television community is being ripped off by foreign criminals around the world,” Dodd wrote. “It’s another day that American ideas aren’t being protected.” Dodd’s attempts to protect intellectual property bear the name of SOPA and PIPA, two acts that were strongly boycotted by internet giants like Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, all arguing that the measures of both SOPA and PIPA would have a negative impact on free speech. Ever since, Dodd pretty much admitted that SOPA and PIPA are “dead”, but that his efforts to improve the relationship between major studios and Silicon Valley will continue. In his blog post MPAA’s Chairman cited Ari Emanuel who recently argued – at the AllThingsD conference – that Google should get serious about filtering infringing content.

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MPAA’s Chris Dodd Picks On Google On Their Opening Celebration

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Sunday, June 10th, 2012 Net News

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