New AntiSec Dump Exposes Viacom and Universal Music on BitTorrent

Just a little while ago, Anonymous, as part of the AntiSec movement, exposed content from several government servers . Now, a torrent from the same group on ThePirateBay is exposing Viacom and Universal Music . The statement from anonymous says: This is the first official #antisec release and within this archive you will find:*) Zimbabwean government dumps *) Mosman Municipal Council ( dump *) Universal Music Group Partners dump 1 & 2 containing’s user:passwords and other data *) Viacom dump containing internal mapping of Viacom and its servers *) Assorted Brazillian Government dumps and passwordsGreetings fellow Anons, Swashbuckers and Lizards. It has been a week since the LulzBoat lowered the LulzSec flag, she now proudly flies under the #AntiSec colors. Since this day, the movement is organized by a flotilla of independent but allied vessels

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New AntiSec Dump Exposes Viacom and Universal Music on BitTorrent

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 Net News

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