O2 / BE Customers: All You Need To Handle A Ben Dover File-Sharing Letter

Last Saturday morning customers of two ISPs in the UK woke up to a nasty surprise. Letters sent by ISPs O2 and BE advised that customer accounts had been somehow linked to copyright infringement and how this could lead to serious consequences. “Two companies, Golden Eye (International) Limited and Ben Dover Productions (we will refer to them both as Golden Eye in this letter), allege that some of our customers broadband accounts have been used to download films from the internet, without paying for them,” O2 wrote. “Golden Eye produced evidence which identified the anonymous IP address used to download that content. The Court then ordered O2 to check them against our customer records, and to give Golden Eye the corresponding name and address of the account holder.” O2 then goes on to say that the High Court ordered it to hand over the names of alleged file-sharers to Golden Eye and, in an attempt to come over as the good guy, added that “O2 had no choice but to comply.” The truth is that O2 could have made a real effort to contest the proceedings but did no such thing. As a result Golden Eye are now in possession of the identities of 2,845 O2 and BE customers to try and make money from. Soon, and quite possibly just in time for Christmas, Golden Eye will write a letter to these O2 customers (click here to see what it will look like plus read our analysis here).

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O2 / BE Customers: All You Need To Handle A Ben Dover File-Sharing Letter

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 Net News

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