Paypal Bans Usenet Providers Over Piracy Concerns

PayPal is widely known for their aggressive stance towards BitTorrent sites and file-sharing services, and now this policy has also been actively applied to Usenet providers. On Tuesday, PayPal cut off its services to five Usenet resellers including XSUsenet, EasyUsenet and Usenet4U, reports the Dutch news site Tweakers. The Usenet providers can no longer accept PayPal payments and the funds that remain in their accounts have been frozen for 180 days. While this is the first time that we have heard about Usenet providers being banned, the actions don’t come as a complete surprise. To be accepted by PayPal, file-hosting services now have to comply with a list of far-reaching demands entirely targeted at copyright-infringing and otherwise illegal files. These terms also apply to Newsgroups. PayPal’s terms Several of the disconnected Usenet providers confirm that their accounts were suspended because they violated the above terms.

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Paypal Bans Usenet Providers Over Piracy Concerns

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 Net News

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