Pipe: New Facebook App for Sharing Files Up to 1GB with Friends

Now you can easily share files up to 1GB in size with family and friends on Facebook. A widely anticipated new file-sharing app for Facebook called Pipe has finally left beta testing and gone live, bringing quick and easy file-sharing to the millions of users of the popular social networking site. Berlin-based Pipe Dream Technologies derived the name from the Super Mario Brother franchise, the idea being that a file is placed in one end of a pipe, and retrieved at the other end by the recipient. Unlike many other file-sharing programs, and especially earlier versions of a Facebook file-sharing app that maxed out a dismal 25MB, users can send files up to 1GB in size if the recipient is online, and a still decent 100MB if they are offline.

Pipe: New Facebook App for Sharing Files Up to 1GB with Friends

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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 Net News

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