Robbie Williams ‘Promotes’ Megaupload in New Dizzee Rascal Video

UK rapper Dizzee Rascal and international superstar Robbie Williams have teamed up for a single from Dizzee’s new album, “The Fifth”. The song, called ‘Goin Crazy’, features the pair cruising around the East End of London in mobility scooters pimped to look like the two-wheeled scooters featured during the intro of The Who’s classic movie, Quadrophenia. After Rascal appears from a smoking and exceptionally spiky car, he and Williams are joined on their cruise by a number of pensioners. But it’s the start of the video that succeeded in raising eyebrows and piquing our interest. As Robbie moves into shot, walking away from camera, the focus pans from his colored sneakers up to his coat, on which is painted two very familiar words – MEGA and UPLOAD. But could this really be related to the now-defunct Megaupload? Well, we’ve sen pop tie-ins before with the controversial MegaSong of 2011 – big name artists were only too pleased back then to be associated with the file-sharing site. …

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Robbie Williams ‘Promotes’ Megaupload in New Dizzee Rascal Video

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Friday, May 10th, 2013 Net News

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