Subscribers of O2 and Be Broadband Get Filesharing Warnings

O2 and Be Broadband customers suspected of illegally downloading copyrighted material have received warning letters from their ISPs According to, O2 and Be Broadband have started issuing warning letters to their subscribers suspected of being involved in downloading copyrighted content. The warnings have been sent to around 2,800 customers. It all started with a plan of Golden Eye International to prevent internet users from sharing online material to which the company owns the rights. While the number of subscribers targeted initially was around 9,000, a number which the company also thought would translate in satisfying damage compensation fees, that plan was recently moderated by the High Court. The system of demanding ISPs to warn customers suspected of downloading copyrighted files was enforced by the highly controversial Digital Economy Act which came into force on 8 June 2010 as a means of cracking down on illegal filesharing but there are some provisions of the bill which still await approval.

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Subscribers of O2 and Be Broadband Get Filesharing Warnings

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 Net News

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