TPB AFK, A Rundown On Pirate Bay’s Story

It’s been only 48 hours since TPB AFK was launched and the documentary about Pirate Bay’s core members (Gottfrid, Fredrik, and Peter) had already gathered over 600.000 views on YouTube. TPB AFK is also available to download on TPB’s official website, while also being endorsed by many other portals, including Wikipedia,, Gizmodo, and so on. February 8 2013: A journey that covered more than four years of the trio’s lives has been released to the public. Simon Klose, the man behind the lens, took his first step into building TPB’s story back in 2008, a year that marked the very beginning of a long and tiring fight against those who wanted to see Peter, Gottfrid, and Fredrik behind bars. We’re not going to spoil the documentary for you, but we did decide to tease (just a little) those of you who haven’t seen it yet. First of all, a splendid job is to be attributed to the documentary’s director, as he manged to capture not just bits and pieces of the trial(s) against Pirate Bay’s founders, but also offered a very clean view about their lives, friendship, and quarrels. Furthermore, TPB AFK tells the story of the website and how it managed to come into conflict with some of the most powerful organizations in the world, including the US Government and Hollywood’s movie studios…

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TPB AFK, A Rundown On Pirate Bay’s Story

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Sunday, February 10th, 2013 Net News

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